Believe it or not, I didn't start listening to music regularly until around the start of my junior year in high school.  I never was really interested in music before then...other than video game music.  Finally, one of my brothers introduced me to Michael W. Smith and...well, you can figure out the rest of the story.  I started out collecting pop, but I also allowed myself to try a little rock here and there.  Before then, I had never imagined myself as the type of person to listen to rock.  Ha!  Some of my favorite artists in my entire collection are pop artists, but my primary interest is and probably always will be rock.
It is difficult for me to choose favorites from my collection, because one week I'll be listening to one group and then another the next week.  These days, it's more or less just trying to be sure that I listen to every CD in my official collection at least once, and then I'll hopefully begin listening regularly when I archive that artist and add their stuff to my digital libray and iPods.  I think I would have to say that two of my longtime favorite artists are Galactic Cowboys and Impellitteri, but I've got so many others now that I can't choose just a few.  The thing I really like to do now is take a hundred or two digital albums that I've finished preparing for my archives, throw them all onto one player and play all the tracks in random mode.

If you're interested in the earlier contemporary Christian artists who had their beginnings in the Jesus Movement up through the early 2000s, as well as a few secular artists, most of whom are Christians, who have chosen to try to take the high road and put largely positive or conscientious, prophetic type lyrics into their work on a regular basis while refraining from the temptation to use certain offensive words or phrases, then check out some of these other pages for a run down memory lane.

By the way - CCMROCKMAN = CCM (contemporary Christianish music) + ROCK (that evil BEAT!) + MAN (real men aren't ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!)
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