1. Christian Music (the main purpose of this site)
2. Nintendo (mainly during early adolescence, not so much these days)
3. Drumming (tabletops mostly)
4. Reading (should be doing more on a regular basis - one of new 2014 resolutions)
5. Organizing (the house is finally starting to get really organized...after 4 years!)
[I have been working on a updated home page on and off for the last 2 years to give a little more info about me to the curious and to try to reduce the snark factor of my first attempt - nothing really spectacular or outstanding in my life to share, but like everyone else, I do have opinions and many of them I continue to hold strongly to.  So if there's ever a place to be bold and state what one believes about life in general, this country and planet of ours, and the current state of affairs, I imagine it would be the home page.  I hope that this temporary message will give me the extra kick in the pants I need to finish up the new one as soon as possible.]



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