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Welcome to the largest and probably only contribution I will make to Christian music.  I hope this will become one of the handiest places on the www to look up the discography of Christian artists, primarily the older ones.  If you are going to bookmark this site, I'd suggest setting the bookmark for  If I ever need to change ISPs for some reason, the first thing I will do after relocating my site is update my two domains - & - both of which I will hopefully retain for the remainder of my days in this life, or at least for the rest of the lifespan of the freely available internet.

I first got the idea for this project when I saw the r.m.c. discography attempt.  I really found the r.m.c. discography useful when I first started looking at older more collectable Christian groups, primarily in the Christian rock category.  But as I became more familiar with the artists, I also noticed all the holes and date inaccuracies in the list.  I thought I would take this list and expand it to include all Christian music artists who had their first major release from the beginnings of contemporary Christian music as we know it through the year 2000.  I won't attempt to expand the list past 2000, given the explosion in the number of new artists since the early 90's.  So this list will only cover the discographies of Christian artists/groups who had their first publicly available work - be it a demo, EP, or whole album - released on CS, pressed CD, etc., (independent CD-R releases not included,) by the year 2000 or earlier.  I may make a few exceptions for experienced artists who are longtime members of a band and decide to go solo or to participate in a multi-artist collaboration project that is released after 2000.  But for the most part, a new artist fresh on the scene after the year 2000 will not be included simply because I have to draw the line on this project somewhere.  And the first year of the new millennium (as some of us see it!) seems as good a stopping point as any.  This list is probably most accurate and comprehensive for Christian rock, which is my chief interest.

The main list will consist of the discography, including demos and EPs, of groups that have at least one professionally produced release.  I have tried to give the home country of all international (outside the U.S.) artists in this list.  They must have at least one album sung mostly or entirely in English to be included in the discography.  One of my future goals is to have a separate discography page for non-English vocal albums, and to have the main discography pages with only English vocal (or instrumental) albums.  I have also tried to distinguish different groups with the same name by including their home country, or state if in the U.S.

This discography listing is NOT (I'll say it again - NOT) based on my personal collection.  I have tried to gather all my discography listings from reliable internet sources, or printed catalogs that I have collected over the years.  Personally, I favor the listing format of the r.m.c. discography, with the artists and their albums listed on one page as opposed to a listing of just the band names with half a million links to individual band discography pages.  This makes the site a little more manageable for me.  Another thing that makes my discography unique on the web (from what I've seen so far) is how I've tried to indicate which albums are officially available on pressed CD, which is a very big interest to me and most other CCM collectors.


Technically, I can only guarantee the CD availability of those albums in my collection and those which I have sold or seen in used CD stores, which would probably consist of less than 1/10 of what's listed.  All other titles that I have listed as being available in CD format were listed as such somewhere on the internet (on an artist home page, an online store, etc.) or in a printed catalog that I have.  Just because my list may not mention an album being available on CD doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't.  And beware of bootleggers as well.  They're becoming more and more prominent on eBay, and I am currently in the process of preparing a separate page that will list bootleggers of rare Christian albums on eBay and the internet which I have found.    And by the same token, I may have a few albums listed as being available on CD which are not (officially).  I intended for the years shown on the list to match the year indicated on the actual release, regardless of whether the album was completed earlier.  Hopefully all dates shown will be at least +/- 1 year from the one given on the actual release, if there is one.  The exception to this rule is reissues.  For those, I hope to list the year it was re-released, which may not be the date listed on the reissue.  I can't guarantee that all titles, spellings, etc., are accurate.  I do not guarantee that every group listed on this page is a Christian group; a few of the sources for my list came from catalogs which were also selling some secular titles, and I may have unknowingly included a few of those.  I also may have unknowingly included some artists whose discography does not meet my specifications for inclusion on the main list (i.e. don't have any releases with 8+ songs).


This list was mostly composed using the following sources, many of which are not in print or do not exist on the internet any more:

The Gospel Rox Music Collector's Guide (by Claude Crain)
A Decade Of Jesus Music site
Other online discographies -- r.m.c., Cutting Edge, All Music Guide, Wikipedia, JesusFreakHideout, Both Sides Now (amazing site!!!), Southern Gospel History
Christian music online stores -- 777 Music, Christian Digital Music, The Crossing, Rock Solid, Amazon
Christian music magazines -- CCM, HM
Printed Christian music catalogs -- Long's Christian Music (pre-True Tunes), Rock Revival, RadRockers
Christian band link sites -- Christian Music Place, Christian Artist List

How You Can Help

This list is far from complete and probably has many errors.  If you would like to help me out with one or more of the following, then please email me.  In the past I have been quite slow in replying.  I'll try to do so more swiftly in the future, and let you know that I did receive the email.  After the discography has been updated, I hope to implement all corrections/additions sent to me by the beginning of next month.  Email me if I need to:

- add a new artist (see requiremenst above for inclusion in the listings)
- remove an artist on the main list whose discography doesn't meet my listing specifications
- add missing titles/dates or fix an incorrect one
- add/remove the CD availability indication of an album
- spelling error or incorrect label
- add another version (label) for a title
- any other imperfection (mistake or omission) on the list
- add a new link, or remove/update a dead link to an official or unofficial band home page
- recommend another official source for making this list more complete and accurate

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